Thank you for making the journey! It’s not easy getting here, but you’re going to love it once you make it.

If you need assistance booking any accomodation, including transportation, contact Travel Designer, Callie


There are two common options for flights into the Marfa, Texas area: either El Paso or Midland. Both cities are roughly a three hour drive from Marfa, Texas. If you’re coming from the east, choose Midland. If you’re coming from the west, choose El Paso.

A less common alternative is to fly into Lajitas, Texas and drive two hours to Marfa. Be careful and please do reserve a rental car ahead as you do not want to be stuck down there. It’s pretty far off the beaten path, but we can help answer any questions.


El Paso to Marfa: Head south (1 mile) on Airway Blvd. Turn left to merge onto the 10 east. Go 113 miles. Take exit 140A toward US-90 east. Go 73 miles. You made it! Note: there is a border patrol stop before you get to Sierra Blanca (75 miles into the drive). If you’re a woman traveling alone, call for advice.

Midland to Marfa: There are a few possible routes. Typically it is fastest to go south on the 67. Alternatively, Farm Road 1053 (cut through Fort Stockton) can be faster due to traffic or roadwork or if you’re in it for the scenic views heading south on the 17 is prettiest. Maybe even stop for a swim in Balmorhea. Starting from the airport on Sloan Field Blvd. (TX 40 Loop), turn left onto TX 349 South and proceed 1 mile to the 20 West. From here pick your route. Farm Road 1053 would be the first exit ( x miles), then the 18 ( x more miles), then the 17 (x more miles). Connect to Marfa via the 67.

The location of the Hotel Saint George and The Paisano are most central to town. The Hotel Saint George features modern luxury amenities. The Paisano is an old-school West Texas establishment which housed “Giant” actors, actresses, and film crew off set. The Thunderbird is closer to The Chinati Foundation and is one of the old fort buildings. Beautiful garden. The Thunderbird, Hotel Saint George, and The Paisano all have stellar pools.

If you can’t decide, here are some ideas:

For comfort: Hotel Saint George (use code DJWB)
For cinefiles: The Paisano (room block under “DeLozier”)
For minimalists: The Thunderbird
For extended stays: The Brite Building
For the music festival-goer: El Cosmico
For the late-booker: The Lincoln Marfa, Corte del Norte, or Airbnb
For the one who needs a hand: Email Callie Myers:


Where we went on our first date. Drive just out of town, go around the bend, and over the hill (5 minute drive). Park on the right side. Go for a long walk or bike ride. Or just continue driving as far as you like. Road turns to dirt after 30 miles. If you have 4-wheel drive, very pretty drive through the Chinati mountains and into the Chinati Hot Springs.


Beautiful undeveloped ranch land open for hiking. Pack out your trash, no pets. Land owners are generous to let us walk on there property. Nice out and back walk that ends with a large ciruclar concrete ampitheater.


State park with healing natural springs pool. Open bottom with fish in the pool. Nice diving board. 


Featuring native plants and many trails to hike on.

Fort Davis Observatory
Fort Davis State Park
Marathon End of the Road Park
Marathon Gage Botanical Garden
Big Bend State & National Park

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